Year 2021 was an unprecedented year due to COVID19 and impacted several lives and businesses including the fashion industry. We promised during our virtual Hope and Unity Runway show in 2020 that if we all stay united and together, we shall overcome this too!

Today we are ready to bring our next in person runway show once again to celebrate life, people, revive fashion and to awaken our spirits to emerge as a united community.

North America Fashion runway show 2021 will be a celebration of diversity to embrace multiculturalism while emphasizing  equity, sustainability & social impact -  ALL using Fashion as a tool.

Fashion Models


Seattle has the fourth largest fashion design economy, fourth largest fashion employment, and seventh largest apparel-manufacturing centers in the country according to a study conducted by Community Attributes International. These statistics made the Pacific Northwest a prime location for this event. Fashion is so much more than clothing; it is art. Seattle is known for its art however, it has yet to be fully recognized for the fashion hub it is.

NAFW will bring attention to its long overdue blossoming industry. Although New York and Paris are known for their fashion design the world has so much to offer outside of these cities. There is a need for showcasing the rich culture the United and bring a sense of community and togetherness.

NAFW will benefit the non-profit AmPowering, to help build mobile shelter home for homeless neighbors in Seattle The award-winning AmPowering already has a reputation for transforming so many lives both here in the United States as well as India. With a focus on inner beauty, bringing attention to outer beauty through fashion is the obvious next steps

Fashion Show

about us

North America Fashion Week is a unique melting point for premium fashion labels from across the world to come together and explore an extremely high potential, yet largely under explored market in the US.

Seattle is the epi-center of technology in the US and is home to many IT and Technology giants. The market is ripe with anticipation and excitement and the event has been planned just ahead of the festive season to leverage sales and maximize business generation.

NAFW is an extravagant, carefully curated, collaborative platform for designers and models, HMUA, photographers , defying all cultural and geographical barriers.

It has created a big name in the fashion industry for its uniqueness and value proposition.

As a nonprofit we strongly believe in promoting diversity, inclusion, equity, sustainability and will be giving special consideration to brands with a strong social impact.

All proceeds to benefit homelessness support program by AmPowering (www.ampowering.org).

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