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  • North America Fashion Week will be following all current CDC guidelines during model casting, media night at FCM and runway show in Hyatt Renton. Masks are required and everyone entering or exiting the building must sign the visitor log, provided by AmPowering.  


  • The health and safety of our community is our highest priority. All employees, staff, instructors, students, families, and guests are welcome to wear masks as they feel comfortable and suitable. 


  • Everyone is required to bring their vaccination proof / negative COVID test within 72 hrs. If you are not vaccinated, then please disclose and sign waiver.


  • Please abide by our per-screening process which includes a mandatory temperature and symptom check at the front desk. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 F and showing fever symptoms will not be allowed to enter the building.


  • No extra guests / friends / family allowed inside unless they are buying tickets to watch the show.


Please note the following exceptions:

  • A person’s health or safety is put at risk by wearing a mask or cloth face-covering are not required to do so. If this applies to you, please email us at


  • Though we are taking extra precautions, North America Fashion Week will not be liable if anyone gets COVID or other issues due to their participation in the Model Casting. Everyone has to sign mandatory waiver upon arrival at the event.



I have read above guidelines as Model / Designer / Hair & Makeup Artist / Photographer / Videographer, and I agree to follow the guidelines.  

I will not hold anyone from AmPowering / Hyatt / Evergreen City Gymnastic / French Creek Manor / City of Renton / NAFW responsible for any unforeseen situation despite taking all precautions. I understand that I am participating in this runway show at my risk.  

By signing below, I am also giving consent to use my picture from today’s model casting for any social media promotion purpose.

Name & Signature 


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