Over the past 12 years, I worked for several non-profit orgs such as Ravishing Women, CRY, Hopes & Smiles for Children. In the year 2017, I started work on creating my own non profit platform called ‘Say No To Heightism’. I my opinion- Heightism is like Racism. It exists but no one is talking about it. This campaign ‘SayNoToHeightism’ is very close to my heart since I have experienced height discrimination since the age of 16 when I first entered the world of Fashion. I spoke about it on various occasions from 2008 onward but my cause did not gain momentum. I decided to not give up and felt the need to create awareness on a larger scale and with social media in power, I thought to leverage the platform to get more support. Currently, I have a group of 600 like minded individuals who agree that Fashion world needs to remove height eligibility criteria and along with these individuals, I have been interviewing with TV channels & radio stations to bring more light to this issue. Through social media, in 24 hours I was able to reach to 9834 people who liked the hashtag #SayNoToHeightism.

I stand by you tall, successful and confident. So what if I am of an average height? My average height does not reduce my beauty by any means. When I catwalk with an exceptionally tall model in shows that accept petite models, the spectators still get attracted and glued to my catwalk style and body language.

Heighted girls are ofcourse attractive, beautiful but petite girls are equally beautiful too. So why is the fashion industry still stuck up on strict height requirements when the target customers themselves fall in the average height range?

The fashion and pageant industry needs to take a step forward to stop heightism. I am thankful to #ravishingwomenshow (www.ravishingwomen.org) to have taken a step in this direction and accepting models of all sizes, body type and height but this change needs to be visible at higher world level pageants and Fashion Weeks too.

Comment and share your story if you have experienced heightism in your walk of life. Tag petite yet beautiful women that you know of who are successful irrelevant of their height.

I say 'No to Heightism', do you?

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